About me

About me:

First off all I would like to say I am not a doctor. Then you may ask me “why are you writing this article”. I am also a kidney failure patent. I am writing this to create awareness about this, unknown or shadow and costlier disease. This is my personal experience. Finally, I have done kidney transplant after a lot of struggle. Here I am giving to all the details about my travel against this costlier shadow disease. You must read this before…

About Myself Travel against kidney failure:

I am suffering from CKD stage 5 means Chronic kidney failure in stage 5, Guys I am 27 years’ old and unmarried. I do not have any bad habit like smoking, drinking, and other habit. I am BE Electrical engineer working as Electrical maintenance engineer in one of the reputed company (I do not want to say its name). On Sept 13th 2016, I had gone to regular job that was my first night shift and the first day of factory start up. Myself and my friend had appointed as shift in charge to maintain the same shift.

At 1:30 AM Plant had got tripped due to some technical issue. We had last 5 minutes to resume the plant, if we neglect that we have start from first, that’s why I ran 2 minutes, but I could not run even 50 meters, I felt my heart beat in uncontrolled means abnormal heart rhythms, breathing uncontrolled means Shortness of breath. Suddenly I decided, I got some major issue in my body, ok leave it like that I left out. on the same day at 4:30 am I felt little bit sleep, I got kottavi, that time I could not breath out, almost my lungs had stopped. Full pain in my lungs, by god grace I got out from that pain. At 6:30 AM I left out from my factory, I just had gone to doctor, who told me to take blood test (CBC, mini RFT) and I had taken, doctor shocked about my CBC report, that was Hb: 6.6, Serum Creatinine: 14.0

Dr told me that your kidney got failured man, immediately you have to do dialysis or kidney transplant, otherwise one or two month you might lose your life. Suddenly I got started tears from my eyes, I had scold god with bad words, ‘Why this is for me with having good habit’.

I had police training from my 15th age to 17th age and had a habit to go to Jim. At the age of 21 I got selected for SI (sub inspector) police selection. But I did not go, I selected my carrier to go in engineer filed. I scored 89 % in HSC exam, 78 % in graduate course.  I have studied in one of the famous university in India and got selected in campus interview.

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