Acute Kidney Disease AKD

Acute Kidney Disease: AKD

Acute Kidney Disease is the primary stage of Kidney failure. In this stage almost 95 % kidneys are treatable. acute renal failure (ARF) is an abrupt loss of kidney function that develops within 7 days. Genrally it may happen due to damage in kidney tissue.

What Acute Kidney Disease cause:

  1. Decreased kidney blood flow
  2. Low blood pressure
  3. Exposure to substances harmful to the kidney,
  4. An inflammatory process in the kidney.
  5. An obstruction of the urinary tract that impedes the flow of urine.

How to diagnosis:

Acute Kidney disease is diagnosed on the basis of characteristic laboratory findings; the deterioration of kidney function may be signaled by a measurable decrease in urine output. Often, it is diagnosed on the basis of blood tests for substances normally eliminated by the kidney: urea and creatinine. Additionally, the ratio of BUN to creatinine is used to evaluate kidney injury.

  1. Elevated blood urea and creatinine,
  2. Inability of the kidneys to produce sufficient amounts of urine.
  3. CBC and RFT tests
  4. Urine routine test.
  5. USG abdomen scan
  6. Renal Biopsy

Final Stage of Acute kidney disease:

  1. Leads to chronical kidney failure
  2. Changes in the body fluid balances
  3. High potassium.
  4. Affects other organs
  5. Also leads to final death

Symptoms of Acute Kidney Disease:

  1. Loss of appetite,
  2. Headache,
  3. Nausea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Marked increases in the potassium level can lead to abnormal heart rhythms, which can be severe and life-threatening.
  6. Low urine output,
  7. Blood pressure can be high.


  1. Hemo dialysis
  2. Plasmapheresis


Guys there are N number of treatment and disease are there in the world. But whatever even 1000 % cure cannot equalize our normal Function. As I am a kidney failured patient, one thing I would like to tell you, please do periodic medical check up to survive in this competition world, Because I have lost my two kidneys due to my negligence. The world is going behind the word is called “Fast”…All we want fast… So that we are dying fast… be careful…

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