Authorization Committee Approval Procedure for Kidney Transplant

Authorization Committee Approval Procedure for Kidney Transplant

We need to get approval from Director of Medical and Rural Health Services (government) committee to do renal transplantation or kidney transplantation. This procedure is suitable for both hospital government and private. To conduct a renal transplantation, the hospital should be approved by the appropriate authority for organ transplantation namely the Director of Medical & Rural Health Services.

As per the Human Organ Transplantation Act / Government Order No. 341 Health and Family Welfare, dt.29.10.03, to process the Renal Transplantation cases the Nephrologist of the approval hospital should forward the following documents with reference to the recipient as well as donor of the organ.

  1. Processing Fee (Demand Draft ): for Rs.1000/- in favour of the Chairman, Authorization Committee, Kilpauk,Chennai-10.
  2. Form I, From II and Form X Form III ( If the Patient and Donor are related like Brother / Sister/ Mother / Father / Son / Daughter)
  3. Patient and Donor: Identification Marks
  4. Declaration: Consultant Nephrologist should explain the complications of Surgery.
  5. Patient and Donor: Proof Nativity
  6. The Patient and Donor Should submit their Identity Card / Nativity using attested Xerox Copy of Ration Card/ Election Identity Card or any other approval photo identify document like, Passport or Pass Book of three years’ transaction.
  7. The Notary Public should attest Proof Nativity Ration Card/ Election Identity Card/aadhar card. I submitted aadhar card for this approval

Who is Notary Public:

A government approved lawyer, who have authority to sign in green inked pen.

What is Notary public affidavit:

Notary public affidavit means getting signature from Notary public in all relevant pages.

  1. Other State / Other Countries
  2. In the case of recipients who are natives of other States or Countries and non-resident in our State, any non-relative donors should normally be from their State/ Country only and should bring clearance, from the Authorization Committee governing their area.
  3. Valid Passport, Visa, High Commission Embassy letters should be enclosed with the application from foreign Nation patients and Donors otherwise the application are subjected to rejection.
  4. Consent Letter:
  5. Original letter of consent from the spouse of the donor in the affidavit should be enclosed. Joint photographs should be fixed in affidavit (Donor and Spouse)
  6. Original letter of consent of the donor in the affidavit duly signed in the presence Magistrate or Notary Public. donor photograph should be affixed in the affidavit.
  7. Original letter of consent of the patient in the affidavit duly signed in the presence of the Magistrate or Notary Public. Joined photographs should be affixed in affidavit (Patient and Donor)
  8. The affidavits produced by the Patient, Donor and Spouse of the Donor should be in English and also in the mother tongue of the donor.
  9. Witness signature should be affixed in the affidavit (at least one of whom is relative of such persons)
  10. Joint photographs should be affixed in an affidavit (Patient and Donor) and (Donor and Spouse)
  11. 8. HLA Test:

If the patient and donor are related the tests for HLA matching should be done by an approved lab. Which is not attached affiliated to the Hospital where the transplantation is to be formed.

9.Registration Copy:

A copy of Registration letter issued to the approval institution by DM & RHS, Chennai should be enclosed along with the applications only when all the documents submitted are in order the Patient will be called for counseling to the authorization committee and only after the approval committee the concerned hospital should perform surgery.

Additional Authorization Committee Approval Procedure for Organ Transplantation:

In order to avoid the difficulties faced by the patients undergoing transplantation in southern districts and western districts of Tamilnadu by traveling all the way to Chennai for approval, the Government has made provision for two more additional committees one at Madurai and another at Coimbatore with following persions as Members.


  1. Dean of Madurai / Coimbatore Medical College
  2. Joint Director of Medical Services of concerned District.
  3. DRO representing the District Collect of the concerned District.


However, these subcommittees can deal cases only when the Patient. donor and the referred hospitals all situated from the following surrounding revenue districts to the place of committee respectively.

Note: They above follow up will be performed under you and your transplant coordinator

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