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Omni Calculator:

Omni calculator featured all the various functionalities that will include within the web and app-based portal. The Omni Calculator is one of the more popular devices used in today’s modern world. It was the first digital calculator and many people still are quite impressed with it. You might ask why, if you’re a college student who needs to do a couple of extra units in a course that has been timed.


Well, a digital calculator helps a lot with this especially when you figure in gas prices, parking, and of course the total time you will be on campus. You can do all sorts of things with an Omni. They even have different calculators for different needs.


The Omni will come in many different colors. When you first get the device how many different colors did you want? Now you might be asking yourself, what is wrong with getting one color? Actually, most people do not like having a plain black device. Most people like different colors. It gives them a chance to express themselves and it might be one of their favorite colors.


The Omni also has many features. It is capable of being your personal organizer. You can set up your appointments and reminders and so much more. If you are someone who is always on the go and want something that will help you be prepared when you are going somewhere, then Omni could be the right device for you.


One of the best things about it is that it is very easy to use and navigate. Many people find it is very easy to use and they can figure out how to use it quickly and efficiently. You do not have to worry about being confused because it is so easy to figure out. You can use it at any time and find a use for it no matter what you are doing.

1.  Chemistry Calculator

You can learn everything about Chemistry effortlessly. The Chemistry calculator will help you to solve any difficult equations. This calculator allows you to calculate the buffer capacity of pH, Electromotive force of voltaic cell with the potential of the electrodes. As well as you can calculate the constant rate of the reaction. The Biochemistry Calculators, Physical Chemistry Calculators, Stoichiometry and solutions Calculators, etc are the Chemistry calculators with multiple useful features.


Equation to calculate pH Buffer:


pH = pKa + log([A⁻]/[HA])




pH = -log₁₀(H);

Ka – acid dissociation constant

[HA] – concentration of acid

[A⁻] – concentration of conjugate base

pKa = -log₁₀(Ka).


2.  Construction Calculator

The Construction Calculator is specially designed for painters, carpenters, bricklayers, craftsmen, roofers, etc. This will definitely help you to get accurate measurements of a house, roof, etc. You’ll find various categories of the calculators such as Construction converters, Construction material calculators, Home and Garden calculators, Roofing calculators, etc.

The equation to calculate the Roof area:

roof area = base area / cos[pitch(deg)]

3.  Conversion Calculator

This Conversion Calculator is very useful in day-to-day life with apps and web-based solutions. There are multiple categories available of this Calculator. All the different calculators with different functionalities are available. For example, the Dog Age Calculator can calculate the Dog’s age equivalent to Human age. There are many calculators available such as Acreage Calculator, Angle Conversion Calculator, Area Conversion Calculator, Binary Converter, Byte Conversion Calculator, Cat Age Calculator, etc.

The equation to calculate the Dog Age:

human years = 16 * ln(dog years) + 31


4.  Ecology Calculators

This Ecology Calculator is constructed for Environmental purposes. Spread awareness to reduce the use of plastic and cigarettes etc by using this calculator. It provides calculators like Eco Footprint Calculators, Renewable Energy Calculators, etc.


The Equation to calculate Hydroelectric Power:


P = η * ρ * g * h * Q




P – Power output, measured in Watts

η – The efficiency of the turbine

ρ – The density of water, taken as 998 kg/m³

g – The acceleration of gravity, equal to 9.81 m/s²

h – The head, or the usable fall height, expressed in units of length

Q – The discharge

A – The cross-sectional area of the channel

v – The flow velocity


5.  Everyday Life

The Everyday Life calculator helps in maintaining your daily life budgets. There are lots of Calculators available in this category. In the home, you can use your Omni Calculator for many different tasks. You will be able to set the time you want your device to wake you up in the morning, whether you want to make a phone call or go to work. It is a great way to wake up, do your daily activity, or anything that you need to do.


The equation to calculate total Drive time:


Total drive time = (distance/average drive speed) + total breaks time


6.  Finance

These calculators are used for all the financial countings. You can easily calculate taxes, Organizational accounting, etc. Financial statistics are the most aspect of our life. Various Financial calculators are Business planning calculators, Investment calculators, Sales calculators, Tax and salary calculators, Real estate calculators, Personal finance calculators, Debt management calculators, Microeconomics calculators, Macroeconomics calculators, etc.


The Equation to calculate CAPM(Capital Asset Pricing Model):


R = Rf + risk premium


risk premium = beta * (Rm – Rf)




R – The expected rate of return of an asset or investment,

Rf – Risk-free interest rate, typically taken as the yield on a long-term government bond in the country where the project is based,

Rm – Broad market return, and

Beta – The parameter of the market risk.

7.  Food

These calculators are used to measure the amount of food you required. You can also calculate your diet plan in these calculators. If you’re planning a party and need to count how much food you require for your guests then this is the best and easiest way of calculating. There are various calculators such as Cooking Converters, Breakfast calculators, Party calculators, etc.


The equation to calculate ml to Gram:


volume [ml] = weight [g] / density




weight [g] = volume [ml] * density


8.  Health

You can calculate all the health-related functions using these calculators. Use any calculator according to your issue. If you are in the medical industry, you might need to use certain software programs on your device. Some of the needs might be based on what your job is and the type of work you do. You need to know which software programs will work better for your field of expertise. The software has to be specifically designed to help you out. So, your computer skills are going to play a very important role here as well.

The Adjusted Bodyweight formula:

AjBW = IBW + 0.4 * (ABW – IBW)


AjBW – Adjusted body weight,

IBW – Ideal body weight,

ABW – Actual body weight.

9.  Math Calculators

As we all know, Mathematics is always doubtful when practicing. Some people are scared of calculating complex mathematics sums. Those people who are getting scared of mathematics, you don’t need to worry about it. Because this collection of mathematics calculators can solve all your complex problems in a simple way. It has various calculators such as Percentages calculators, Algebra calculators, Arithmetic calculators, Coordinate geometry calculators, Fractions calculators, Linear algebra calculators, Trigonometry calculators, 2D geometry calculators, Triangle calculators, etc.


The parabola equation:


y = a(x-h)² + k




a – Same as a coefficient in the standard form;

h – x-coordinate of the parabola vertex; and

k – y-coordinate of the parabola vertex.



h = – b/(2a)

k = c – b²/(4a)


10. Physics Calculators


You can solve all the physics fundamentals and complex equations using these Physics calculators. The collection of Physical Calculator contains calculators like Classical mechanics calculators, Rotational and periodic motion calculators, Waves calculators, Optics calculators, Fluid mechanics calculators, Atmospheric thermodynamics calculators, Thermodynamics calculators, Electromagnetism calculators, Quantum mechanics calculators, etc.


Acceleration Formula:


a = (v_f – v_i) / Δt,

a = 2 * (Δd – v_i * Δt) / Δt²,

a = F / m,



a – Acceleration,

v_i and v_f – Initial and final velocities,

Δt – Acceleration time,

Δd – Distance

F – Force

m – Mass of this object.


11. Sports Calculators

Calculate all the sports-related issues using these amazing Sports calculators. These calculators serve various services related to running, cycling, Racing, Biking, etc. These calculators are Running calculators, Baseball calculators, Calories burned calculators, etc. Use any of them according to your preference.


Formula to Predict the Running time:






T₁ – Time achieved recently on distance D₁

T₂ – Predicted time for distance D₂

D₁ – Distance over which T₁ time was achieved

D₂ – Distance for which T₂ time is foreseen.



12. Statistics Calculators


Calculate all the daily routine statistics using various Statistics calculators. Calculate all the probabilities, risk, distribution-related issues just with a single click. Risk & probability calculators, Distributions calculators, Descriptive statistics calculators, Inferential statistics calculators, etc are the Statistics calculators.


Formula to calculate Accuracy:


Accuracy = (TP + TN) / (TP + TN + FP + FN)




TP – true positive

TN – true negative

FP – false positive

FN – false negative


13. Other Calculators

This collection of calculators contains all the random calculations on the internet. You can easily evaluate Image file size, Bandwidth, Pixels, etc by using these calculators. It includes Photo and Video Calculators, Tech and electronic calculators, Education calculators, Music calculators, Logistics calculators, etc.


Battery Life calculation Formula:


battery life = capacity / consumption * (1- discharge safety)


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