Bima Jyoti lIC Plan 860, Premium,Maturity Calculator

Bima Jyoti of LIC 860

Bhima Jyoti LIC is no stock market based risk. There is no need to pay premium for the entire term of the policy. There is no obligation to pay income tax deduction. The age limit for taking out a policy is a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 60 years. There is no limit to a minimum of 1 lakh for taking out a policy.

Details about LIC’s Bima Jyoti

  • No stock market based risk
  • Do not pay the premium for the entire term of the policy.
  • Income tax deductible
  • Guaranteed bonus of Rs.50 every year

Age to take out the policy

  • Completion of minimum 90 days of age
  • Maximum age is60 years

How much insurance should take

  • At least 1 lakh
  • There is no maximum limit

Premium payment period

  • For a 15year policy you have to pay a 10 year premium
  • 15years is enough for a 20 year policy .

Debt and debt repayment

  • Can get loan after2 years
  • You incur a loss when you repay the loan after2 years

Benefit of death and benefit of maturity

  • Both the basic sum assured and the combined guaranteed bonus will be added
  • Death Benefit Insurance has the potential to cover up to 125%Maturity benefit insurance is only offered up to 100%

For Example

30years of age, 10 lakhs insured 20 -year plan. It only takes 15 years to build The annual premium is Rs.82545 Total construction over15 years Rs.123 8175 ,INR = 66%Wait for5 years , after which the maturity amount will be Rs.17,50,000 lakhs.

10lakh insurance for 30 years plan for 15 years .It only takes 10 years to build. Annual Premium Room Rs.120132.The total amount to be built in10 years is Rs.1201320 ,INR= 3.60%, Have to wait for 5 years , after which the maturity amount will be Rs17,50,000 lakh


LIC’s Bima Jyoti860 Insurance is very useful for us .It is an important part of our lives and after life .It is confident that it will be an anchor not only for us but also for our family. It is useful for everyone from children to adults.


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