Stepper Motor Max Speed, Power, Minimum Step time Calculator

Stepper Motor Calculator: Enter the stepper motor inductance in Hendry, motor input current in amps, input voltage in volts, frequency in Hz and press the calculate button to get the results. Current: Amps Inductance: mH Voltage: V Steps/Revolution: Steps Input Frequency: Hz     Maximum Speed: Rev/Sec Minimum Time Per Step: ms Maximum Power: Watts … Read more

Resistance vs Temperature Formula, Calculator, Calculation

Change in Resistance Calculator: Enter the reference resistance in ohms @ 20 or 25 degrees and temperature in degrees Celsius. Then press the calculate button to get the new resistance value. Choose: CopperSilverGoldAluminumTungstenIronPlatinumManganinMercuryNichromeConstantanCarbonGermaniumSiliconBrassNickelTinZincManganeseTantalum   Resistance @ 20 Deg: Ohms Temperature: Amps     New Resistance: Ohms Resistance vs Temperature Resistance is nothing but the amount … Read more

IDMT Tripping Time Calculator, Formula, Calculation, Example

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IDMT tripping time calculation: Enter the TMS, Current setting and fault current, then press the calculate button to get the tripping time based on the relay characteristics setting. Choose: IEC Standard InverseIEC Very InverseIEC Extremely InverseIEC Long-Time InverseIEEE Moderately InverseIEEE Very InverseIEEE Extremely InverseUS CO-8 InverseUS CO-2 Inverse   Enter Relay Pickup Current Amps Fault … Read more

Overload Relay Current Setting DOL, DY, AT Starters

Overload relay current setting: Overload relay is used to protect an electrical motor from over current (thermal protection). When the motor current is more than the current setting in the relay, the relay just open the motor circuit to avoid further flow of current. The overloads relay current setting will be varied between the DOL, … Read more

Current Density Formula, Equation, Derivation, Example

Current Density Formula, equation With Example. The current density J(A/m2) in Ampere per square meter is equal to the flow of current I(A) in Amps divided by the cross section area A(m2) of the conductor in square meter. Hence the formula can be written as J(A/m2)  = I(A) / A(m2) —————————1 Or Current density = … Read more

Twisted pair cable impedance, Delay, Inductance, Capacitance Calculator

Enter the cable core diameter, distance between the core and the dielectric, then press the calculate button to get the twisted pair cable impedance, delay, inductance and capacitance. Diameter of Wire:   Seperation Between Wires:   Substrate Dielectric:       Impedance Ohms Delay ns/in Inductance per inch nH/in Capacitance per inch pF/in Twisted pair … Read more

Heat Sink Calculator, Formula, Volume, Example

Heat Sink Calculator: Enter the junction temperature, Rv and the power to be dissipated. Then press the calculate button to get the total required volume of heat sink material. Enter Power Dissipated: W Juntion Temperature: Deg Max. Ambient Temperature W Volumetric Thermal Resistance       Heat Sink Volume: cm3 Heat Sink Calculation: Heat sink … Read more

Capacitor impedance calculator, Formula, Calculation

Capacitor impedance calculator Enter the input frequency in Hz, choose the capacitor value pF or nF or microF or mF. The Press the calculate button to get the capacitor impedance in Ohms. Capacitance (C): pFnFµFmFF Frequency (F): HzKHzMHzGHzTHz     Impedance (Z): ohmKohmMohm Capacitor impedance Calculation Formula: Capacitor impedance is nothing but an amount of … Read more