City Union Bank  Internet Banking

City Union Bank  Internet Banking

Step1 : Welcome to City Union Banking Internet Banking. Experience Banking the digital way.

Step2 : To login to your net banking go to City Union Bank. Com and choose login click personal banking. Then enter User ID and Password.

Step3 : You can view the mini statement by clicking the mini statement link on the light side of the account summary table.

Step4 : To check you account summary click accounts summary option under accounts menu.

Step5 : You can view or download you account statement by clicking the transaction history option under account statement menu.

Step6 : Here select you account number, period of transaction and the file format to download the statement. click yeas in the confirmation message.

Step7 : You can mail you details bank statement by clicking the e-mail account statement option.

Step8 : In order to transfer funds you need to add beneficiaries. To add beneficiaries click on manage beneficiary.

Step9 : Choose the type of bank with in CUB accounts or to any other bank.

Step10 : Enter the beneficiary name,15 digit account number, branch and transaction password and click add.

Step11 : For instant activation click on this check box, beneficiary account will be active within 15minutes.

Step12 : Enter the OTP received in the registered mobile number and enter the ATM verification details and click submit.

Step13 : Click on Activate now option to do you transaction instantly.

Step14 : To add a CUB account as beneficiary just type the account number and click on the obtain account details option, you would receive the full details of the account and click add to beneficiary.

Step15 : Now in order to transfer money other bank account option then select the beneficiary to which amount has to be transfer.

Step16 :  Choose either IMPS,NEFT,RTGS as mode of fund transfer.

Step17 : Then select the beneficiary to which amount has to be transfer.

Step18 : Enter the amount and add remarks for the transaction.

Step19 : You can calculate the charges for transaction by selecting the calculate charge option and also view various limit for transfer by clicking view limits for transfer.

Step20 : Enter the  transaction password and click on submit. Now enter the OTP received and submit the confirmation.

Step21 : Using net banking you can also change your debit or ATM, Mobile Banking ,Internet Banking Password.

Step22 :  To change your debit or ATM click on debit or ATM card in choose the card number and enter the new ATM pin. Re-enter the new ATM PIN and enter the transaction password you receive the confirmation message as ATM Pin reset successful.

Step23 : To change the net banking password click logon password option in net banking password.

Step24 : Enter the new password. You would receive a confirmation message as password has been changed successfully.

Step25 : Follow the same procedure to change your transaction password.

Step26 : Follow the same procedure for changing mobile pin . Get your CUB credit card quick and easy without any document OR visiting any branch. Facility is offered in the basis of your deposit add with CUB.

Step27 : Login to your net banking and choose apply credit card option click on Agree.

Step28 : Select the deposit to be linked to your credit and type your transaction password and submit you will set your card details on the screen. Start using your virtual credit card until you set your physical card.


Internet Banking is an important part of our lives. It saves time and reduces work. It helps a lot for everyone to use.


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