How To Activate Canara Bank In Mobile Banking


How To Activate Canara Bank In Mobile Banking

Step1 : Download Canara Banking App through Play Store app on your mobile.


Step2 : Canara Bank to make the activation of your mobile SMS Bound .

Step3 : In order to verify, you need to have the bank registered number on your mobile. Click on it.


Step4 : An OTP number will be sent to the number you want to register . Type it and verify.

Step5 : On the next page, the create login Password page is open. In it, create your favorite password 5digit number.

Step6 : On the next page, the Re-Enter To Confirm page opens. Type the password again and verify bunny.

Step7 : After clicking, the terms and conditions page opens. After reading it, click on the I Agree button and sign in.

Step8 : On the next page, set the MIPN number . Whatever option you click on, confirm the MIPN number cake and your favorite number type.

Step9 : On the next page, the debit card details page is open . Fill in your debit card details, 16 digit number, Date of birth and year, expiry date, ATM Pin and click on the Next button.

Step10 : Your Canara Bank has been activated on your mobile bank.


It will be easy for us to activate the Canara Account in the mobile bank. So you have the opportunity to know how to use it.





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