How To Activate Credit Card Pin In Kotak Bank Online

How To Activate Credit Card Pin In Kotak Bank Online

Step1 : Download the Kotak bank app on your mobile through the Play Store.

Step2 : First open the Kotak Bank application form on your mobile.

Step3 : Below its application form there is an option called Service Request Click on it and login.


Step4 : On the next page there will be many options like debit card, credit card, check book option. Click on the credit card option.

Step5 : On its next page you can only Pin Generate if you have purchased a credit card . So click on the Instantly Generate Pin option and log in.


Step6 : On the next page, enter your password and login.

Step7 : On the next page will be the expiry date, CVV number i.e. 3digit number on the back of your credit card . New pin will have the Confirm Pin number, in which you will have to enter the 6digit number. Fill in all and click the Submit Request button.

Step8 : On the next page you have to give your credit card number, Name, Expiry Date and the details you have given are correct.

Step9 : The next page will show the credit card Pin successfully view.

Step10 : Then you’ve lost your credit card or you can keep your phone from the App bunny.


It will be easy for us to activate the Kotak Bank in the Internet bank. So you have the opportunity to know how to use it.

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