How To Activate Credit Card SBI Bank In Mobile Banking

How To Activate Credit Card SBI Bank In Mobile Banking

Step1 : First, download the SBI Card payment services app on your mobile with the Play Store option. You can download this app for free.

Step2 : Once downloaded, click on the Open button and log in. Next to it, click on the New to SBI Card SIGNUP option and login.

Step3 : On the next page there will be device details. In it you will see the mobile details cake. If you have any mobile application that mobile name will come. I trust this device option page will be green color then it will be correct for you. Click the Link Device option below it and log in to it. .

Step4 : On the next page, the credit card details page opens. It has a 16 digit number on the front of the credit card and you have to type it in. Type in the app birth, year and click the continue button to sign in.

Step5 : On the next page the account will be verified and the OTP number will be sent to your mobile. Type that number and click the verify button.

Step6 : On the next page, the Credit login details page opens. User Name, password, confirm password details will be asked. Password must be strong, that is, Upper case, Lower case, a special character. Finally, click the SIGNUP button and log in.


Step7 : On the next page, after verifying the user name and password, the Make Life Simple page opens . It will send a pin number to your e-mail. Click the SETUP MPIN button and sign in.

Step8 : On the next page, the Setup MPIN page opens. In the Set Up MPIN to login with ease option, type the 4 digit number sent to your email , confirm the MPIN and click the continue button.

Step9 : On the next page, in the app settings, in the MIPN settings option, enter your OTP bunny. Click the OK button and login.

Step10 : On the next page, enter your password or OTP number and click on the(>) button on the page.

Step11 : On the next page is your fingerprint cake if you have a touch mobile. Give your fingerprint and click on the ENABLE TOUCH ID option.

Step12 : On the next page you can go and change the fingerprint settings. Give it the OK button and the New version page will open and give it OK and log in.

Step13 : On the next page you will be informed that the credit card has become successful.


It will be easy for us to activate the credit card in the mobile bank. So you have the opportunity to know how to use it.




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