How to Activate ICICI Debit Card Using Mobile [Without ATM]

How do you know the first time you use a debit card?

ICICI Bank is useful. You can start with ICICI Bank Debit Card. We make sure that you use your debit card to activate without going to the ATM.

Look at the example:

  • Retail outlets can also be used for shopping and expenses using your ATM PIN number.
  • Creating 3D security for online transactions, such as payment, shopping, ticket booking, etc. is easy for us.You can use interactive voice response transactions with your ATM PIN
  • If you do not have an ATM, ICICI Bank allows you to contact your customer service 24 hours a day to create your debit card PIN.

Enable international and online transactions:

  • By following this process your card can enable international online transactions 24 * 7Limits on mobile services and card services.
  • Internet banking and service demand bank account ATM card is used to increase the limit in relation to debit card.
  • Intel BIZ services, transaction to change debit card limit.

How to create a 3D safe woman:

All you have to do to make an online transaction is take ICICI Bank and register your card to verify with Visa and MasterCode.Provides additional protection against fraudulent transactions to your registered card. Helps you even if you misbehave and die.

How to use your debit card at retail outlets and other outlets?

The merchant who is in the business establishments makes the card Wife makes and soaks.

  1. You need to check the amount by noticing that the merchant enters the POS terminal and enters the transaction amount.
  2. You need to make sure that the POS engine prompts you to enter the ATM PIN.
  3. You must enter your debit card PIN correctly on the computer.
  4. Be sure to sign the charge slip if you are operating the correct pin. This confirms and completes the transaction.

How to use your debit card through online transaction

  1. You can transact online through a website. Click on the Mac Payment Sector and select the items.
  2. Your debit card should accompany me and select CVV and expiration dates. You must enter a six-digit unique identification number to complete the process.

How to activate a debit card?

Step 1: You need to select your favorite number to activate ICICI Bank PIN Number.

Step 2 : You need to know how to activate the ATM card through your mobile.

Step 3 : All you have to do is click on the mobile application on your mobile and enter your 4 digit number.

Step 4 : Once you have given the login number you need to click on the Card and Forex option and then click on the Card Pin Service option.

 Step 5 : On the next page they will show the option of Debit Card Post Generation.

Step 6 : Click on them and there will be an arrow mark next to the Select option and select your account.

Step 7 :  Select the card and  An option called CCV Number is found. If the CCV number is like that then you have to enter the 3 digit PIN number on the back of the ATM card.

Step 8 : To withdraw an ATM amount, you have to enter a new 4 digit number and confirm.

Step 9 : If you saw the backof the ATM you will see a table where you have to enter the number below the English letter in that table.


Step 10 : Make sure the ATM is back-activated


The following above simple procedure will give the answer for how to activate ICICI debit card using your mobile phone with out going to ATM.

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