How To Activate New Account ICICI Bank Internet Banking

How To Activate New Account ICICI Bank Internet Banking

Step1 : First log in to ICICI Bank website. The most important thing to open ICICI Internet Service is customer ID. This ID will be given to the bank, otherwise it will be sent home by courier.

Step2 : On the next page after opening the website, an ICICI Bank homepage opens. In the right side corner, enter the New user option.

Step3 : At the bottom of the next page you will find the option I Want my User ID (or) I Want my password . The .User ID is the customer ID given by the bank. In addition I want my password to login by clicking on the option.

Step4 : On the next page there is a 3steps to Create a Generate Password . Click Here To Proceed and sign in.

Step5 : On the next page, type the first step User ID, your customer ID, mobile number, the number given in the bank and click the Go button.

Step6 : On the next page, type the Unique Number that came to your mobile and click the GO button to sign in.

Step7 : On the next page, enter the new password, confirm password. Password should be 8 letters strong. Green color will show password strong. Red color will show strong no. Then click on GO button.

Step8 : On the next page, the password created page is open.


Step9 : Come back homepage and give User ID, password and login. On the next page click on the bunny update button to create a permanent password, retype password.

Step10 : On the next page you will find personal details and many more options.



Internet Banking is an important part of our lives. It saves time and reduces work. It helps a lot for everyone to use.

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