How To Activate New Account In SBI Internet Banking

State Bank Of India Net Banking

The financial transaction that takes place between the personal accounts we save. SBI Bank’s Internet Banking Portal and Retail Banking is a platform that allows clients to manage their accounts anytime, anywhere by removing restrictions so that their work is not compromised.

How To Activate New Account In SBI Net Banking

Step1 : First of all, search for SBI on the internet and log in to SBI website online.


Step2 : After logging in to the SBI website, for the first time on its next page, when you open the SBI Internet, register New registration under personal Banking.

Step3 : Fill in the account number, CIF number, Branch code, Country, register mobile number, and submit.

Step4 : On the next page of the submit, type the number that comes with an OTP number for your mobile and confirm.

Step5 : If the ATM card users to confirm the next page, I have my ATM Card that click option, ATM Card , otherwise I do not have my ATM Card option and click to submit.

Step6 : On the next page after submitting, fill in the ATM card number on the front and the ATM card Expiry date on the ATM card .

Step7 : To enable internet banking access on the next page given by proceed , create user name, password and close it when it says successfully.

Step8 : After giving close, the profile password word page will be open. All you need to do is fill in the password, question, answer, date of birth, place of birth and submit.

Step9 : Again, give username and password on the front page, open internet banking and use it.


Internet Banking is an important part of our lives. It saves time and reduces work. It helps a lot for everyone to use.


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