How To activate New Account Indian Bank Internet Banking

 Indian Bank Internet Banking

The financial transaction that takes place between the personal accounts we save. Indian Bank Internet Banking Portal and Retail Banking is a platform that allows clients to manage their accounts anytime, anywhere by removing restrictions so that their work is not compromised

How To activate New Account Indian Bank Internet Banking

Step1 : First log in to the Indian Bank website.

Step2 : On the next page there is an option called login for internet banking.

Step3 : If you have a user id on the next page you can use it, otherwise give the option new user and sign in.

Step4 : Follow the instructions given in the next 8 steps.

First fill in the user details page. Fill in the CIF number or account number, the mobile number you provided in the bank, please Validate the following Expression and submit.


Step5 : Next, if the OTP number does not come to your mobile, type resend OTP and submit the SMS number.

Step6 : Next to that, at the bottom of the page, there is an option called facility in which click on view and transaction option and submit.


Step7 : Next, give the new New login, re-enter login password and submit.

Step8 : Next to that comes the option called secret question in which answer your favorite question.



Step9 : The next step is to click on the activation type option and click on activation through ATM card and confirm.


Step10 : The terms and conditions on its side next to the Jan studying the option and left click I Agree.

Step11 : The next step is to fill in the ATM card 16 digit number, Expiry date and Year, ATM Pin number and submit.

Step12 : So on the next page New user ID  create the CIF become open to a page number to keep Bunny Copy 2 to 4 hours after the activation is.Come back to the login page and type in user ID, Validate Expression and login.


Internet Banking is an important part of our lives. It saves time and reduces work. It helps a lot for everyone to use.



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