How To File Income Tax Return File By Yourself

What is income tax?

Income Tax Act, 1961 Federal Government taxation of the  charging  line of a country’s citizens of the income to match the level of their  direct taxation  the monetary value of the only tax the property’s income from business profit will own industry is available from Profits must also be taxed.

Income Return Who should file?

The annual income of an individual is taxable as calculated once a year. If the income of an individual is above Rs.2,50,000. Then he must pay ITR when he buys up to Rs.500,000. ITR must pay not only property and salary, income from businesses, but also fixed deposit i.e. income above purchase of interest. LIC, LIC Possibility to reduce ITR through premium and many other offers.

How to register income tax return online?

Step1 : Log in through Income tax website .

Step2 : Click the login here button to the right of it and sign in.

Step3 : After clicking on the login here button, you have to type in the user id and password, click on the user id and type in your Pan card number.

Step4 : Type the captcha code and user id, password, date of birth and click the login button.


Step5 : Click on the dashboard link on the top right and enter the quick link option. Once opened, click on the quick-e file ITR link option.

Step6 : After opening the quick-e file ITR, type the PAN number, ITR form name, assessment year, prefill address and submit to the PAN database .

Step7 : Once submitted, the Personal Information form will open in which type details like name, mobile number, email id, tax status and submit.

Step8 : Click on the income details button and open the income and deduction option.

Click on the income form salary option and type in the income for one year.

Step9 : section of 80 c, 80ccc the Option ‘s lowered the tax rate.

Step10 : Clicking on the tax details option will result in a refund if you have already paid tax.

Step11 : Click on the tax paid verification option and type in bank details, verification code, place.

Click on the 80 G option and submit.

Step12 : After submitting, the income tax department will verify that all the details given by you are correct and send a form to your email account.








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