How To Transfer Money From SBI To Other Bank Using Net Banking


How To Transfer Money From SBI

At the bank we take money, put the  cash withdrawal during or on account of tying While standing in line waiting days, much today’s digital India would be if the bank a lot of changes and improvements . ATM and mobile through a money transfer to make sure you can tell. We can learn how to transfer online from one account to another.

How to make SBI Money transfer using internet banking?

SBI account means you can transfer money from your existing SBI account as you see fit. You do not have to go to the bank for this. You can transfer money through your mobile or through net banking. If you do not register your SBI account account on mobile, you can also use net banking Money transfer can be done. Mobile or net banking is the same process and you can do the same as transferring money to a person using mobile banking. There are 3 types of methods. It is possible to transfer money not only to SBI but also to other bank accounts through IMPS, Neft , RTGS etc. We can use the following as to what it is.

Step1 : Log in to SBI Bank Internet banking

Step2 : Next continue to login

Step3 : After logging in, enter your username and password and login to internet banking.

Step4 : Once you have logged in to internet banking, on the next page there is an option called payment transfer click on it.

Step5 : Clicking on payment transfer will open the next page with options like within SBI, outside SBI, other payments .

Step6 : You only need to select the funds transfer option for the person holding the SBI account.

Step7 : Option account of others that you choose to transfer money from SBI to another SBI bank account.

Step8 : The option you choose to transfer money from SBI account to another bank account is other bank and IMPS funds transfer. When you select other bank transfer, the payment option will open on the next page. It will give you three options, which are IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, which can only be used by working bank hours.

Step9 : When you select the IMPS option and proceed, the next page will open.


Step10 : On that page, click on the funds transfer option. In it, click on the person to account (using IFSC code) option and proceed.

When a message arrives, click on the OK button.

Step11 : On the next page, type amount, account number, purpose, etc. and click on the money transfer account number . You can transfer up to Rs1,00,000 Finally you submit.

Step12 : An information will be sent to you by internet banking for you to verify .

Step13 : Finally, after completing the internet banking verification, the amount transfer information will be sent to us



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