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IGRS Telangana – Telangana land Registration, The Integrated Grievances Redress System Telangan provides free access to EC search, market value, SRO and Telangana EC registration details.

Telangana Registration and Stamps Department of Government of all Telangana is devoted to keeping age old documents and records and supplying the exact same to the courtroom as evidences if any dispute arises. Document registration functions as a note to the general public through listed details so they can confirm the documents and collect information associated with the right, name, and duties on any property.

The section also collects earnings through transport duty, stamp duty and registration fees and also, and is thought of as the third biggest revenue earning section in Telangana.

IGRS Characteristics and Advantages

IGRS Characteristics and Advantages

  • Facilitates transparency and decreases deceptive actions Concerning registration of files
  • You can use this gateway site for redressal your grievances (if any)
  • Takes time and reduces manual function
  • Facilitates good governance at the nation

IGRS Telangana Official Details

Official Site – registration.telangana.gov.in/
Toll Free Number – 18005994788
New Grievance Email Id –  grievance-igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in
WhatsApp Number –  9121220272

The Way To Learn Your Own SRO?

Sub-Registrar workplace (SRO) can be an equally significant part Telangana Registration & Stamp division since it’s accountable for tackling all of the registration connected info. If a individual at Telangana isn’t aware in regards to the SRO falling beneath his authority afterward they could require assistance of IGRS portalsite. He must Follow along with the Easy process discussed beneath to learn that his SRO-

See https://registration.telangana.gov.in.

IGRS Telangana Online-service Details

IGRS Telangana Online Service

  • Economy Value Hunt: Throughout the market-value Search services, you also can assess agriculture and also non-agriculture land speeds of a certain village in a particular district. All you have to do is choose the subject, mandal, and village from the drop down menu, then choose from agriculture and non-agriculture prices, and then click”submit”.
  • Prohibited Home: by means of this ceremony, you also can assess the set of banned properties in a special village of a certain district.
  • Licensed Copy: This also lets you down load copies of documents (certified).
  • Encumbrance Hunt: This lets you hunt for encumbrance on any land that is enrolled in Sub-Registrar’s offices.
  • E-STAMPS: It is ostensibly an internet postage duty collection centre that is been developed to curtail deceptive methods in stamp-based registrations and trades.
  • Property Registration: you’re able to assess any details associated with land enrollment through this portalsite.
  • Advice on Chit Fund: Get enrolled chit, on the web T-Chits, along with chit registrar E Challan information by means of this assistance.
  • Marriage Registration: reach be conscious of Hindu marriage enrollment requirements, special wedding enrollment conditions, Christian and Muslim union info, and Hindu union pre-registration details through this ceremony.
  • Business enrollment: receive every detail related to enrollment of one’s business through this assistance. You might even ask change in speech, assess your application statusor download enrollment certification through this assistance.
  • Know that your SRO: you are able to examine your authority’s SRO through this assistance.

It functions as a evidence of name or ownership of home. EC Telangana functions as a proof that you’ve got absolute possession and right above home with no obligations. EC is made up of the trades enrolled related to a specific property for some length of time. Any claims or encumbrance on your real estate details may be seen in a encumbrance certification.

IGRS Telangana EC Hunt

Telangana Registration
Telangana Registration

With this assistance, you’re able to look for encumbrance on any land which is enrolled from the Sub-Registrar’s off ice. Formerly, you had to go towards the Sub-Registrar’s office to attain encumbrance. But observe that on the web encumbrance transaction/certificate can be found informative article 1 January 1983. To find encumbrance certification before 1983, then you have to speak to the concerned SRO office.

Step by Step Procedure to Locate IGRS Telangana EC

telangana land registration documents online

1: Log into to Telangana Registration and Stamp Department’s official internet portal.

2: Click “Encumbrance Certificate” situated on the bottom righthand corner of the webpage, under the”Online Services” section.

3: It’ll redirect you to the following webpage, where you would have to give a lowdown about what EC is all about.

5: You’ll soon be redirected to another page where you would be required to choose the search criteria by a dropdown menu.

6: If you select”Document No.” As your search criteria, you’ll have to input the 1st few letters from your SRO’s nameand year of enrollment to hunt Telangana EC.

7: If you decide on”Form Entrance” as your search criteria, you will need to search by filling in the necessary fields, including apartment number, house number, district name, and SRO details, and among others.

Steps to Locate IGRS Market-value

Steps to Locate IGRS Market value

  1.  Click “”market-value Hunt ” on underneath righthand corner of the webpage, beneath the”Online Services” section.
  2.  You’ll soon be provided with the possibility to pick from agricultural and non-agricultural prices.
  3. MSelect the subject, mandal, and village, and then go through the”submit button” to finish the procedure.

Steps to Locate Telangana SRO

Steps to Find Telangana SRO

  1. Proceed to the”Browse” section and click “Know Your Own SRO“.
  2. You’ll be provided with two options”Know Your Jurisdiction SRO” and”Village Directory”.
  3. Should you click to the first option, you may soon be redirected to some other page where you need to pick your subject, mandal, along with village from the drop down menu.
  4. Up on selecting, click”submit” to look at your SRO.

Steps for IGRS Telangana Licensed Duplicate

Steps to get IGRS Telangana Certified Copy

  1.  Head into the”Online Services” section and click “Licensed Duplicate “.
  2. You may soon be redirected to some other page where you must click either”Accredited Copies of Registered Records (On Payment)” or”Licensed Copy of Document (New Telangana Registration Only)”.
  3. Should you click to the first option, you may be re directed to Meeseva on the web Portal at which you must select SRO, district, year, and also record number to receive details of this certified copy.
  4. Alternately, when you click “Accredited Copy of Document (New Registrations Only)”, then you’ll be redirected to your page in which you need to input your registered cellphone address and security code to receive certified backup details.

Telangana Property Registration Charges and Fees: whilst buying home, you must pay for a particular registration fee and stamp duty fee. The enrollment fee is usually 1 percent of their entire real estate value.

IGRS Telangana Android App

It’s possible for you to down load the IGRS Telangana android app to hunt to get Telangana EC anytime moment, to the move. All you could have to do is move to Google engage in retail store and then download the program .

Seek out IGRS Telangana EC at a Fast and hassle-free way of logging into to the State Telangana Registration and Stamp Division portalsite. You may access EC Telangana specifics using all the click of the button by simply completing at a couple info.

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