Kidney Failure Symptom My personal experience

Kidney failure Symptom my personal experience:

  1. Swelling in legs, hands, Stomach and face; water will accumulate in your legs, hands, stomach and face. In this swelling in ankle will be the first symptom. This was my first symptoms. This kidney failure symptom will come to know when you’re going to long travel or sitting in a place at long time. At that time water will be stored at ankle. Due to this you will feel unpainful swelling in the ankle. It had come before 5 months.
  2. Muscles pulling (I do not know how to say). It means while sleeping your thigh muscles, knee muscles and leg’s fingers will pull in one side. This is my second kidney failure symptom and had come before 3 months. Later I asked doctor and doctor said that due to deficiency of calcium and sodium.

  3. Vomiting or vomit feeling. This is my third kidney failure symptom due to high potassium. it had come before two months. This is very strong symptom means, without stomach problem, you will get vomiting. If you people feels this symptom means, please consult your doctor or take CBC and RFT test immediately.
  4. Breathing problem. It means you cannot walk more than 50 meters or you cannot claim 10 steps height; if you do so you will feel heavy heart beat rhythm and abnormal breathing. This problem due to low blood count or less Hb in your blood, because kidney is the responsible to maintain blood volume. Kidney Secrete erthroboiten ensaims to maintain blood volume. Infected kidney does not do its duty properly. Deficiency of this ensaim leads to low blood volume.
  5. Fatigue and tiredness

Due to low blood count oxygen distribution to the entire body reduces. That’s why we feel            tiredness.

  1. Ammonia or metallic taste

Due to kidney failure, while breathing out from your mouth will get metallic taste. It may stink while speaking with someone.

  1. Feeling unconscious:

Before lunch time I had felt this symptom. These all symptoms are end stage of your kidney function.

  1. Less urine output:

At one week before finally I found this problem. Because every time we cannot measure our urine output. That’s why finally I found this kidney failure symptom.

  1. Blood urine:

High BP or kidney disease may damage our kidney tissue, due to this your urine will come with blood. But in my case I did not find this symptom.

  1. Always feeling cold

I think this is may be my first kidney failure symptom. Because, while sleeping at night I was used 4 bed sheet to cover myself. I had felt cold; I will ask always to my friend to close the window.

  1. Eye contact problem mean shortness of contact



Guys this is my personal symptom; this symptom order may change according to your kidney failure stage. If you find anyone of the above symptom, please go to hospital.

                   “Prevention is than cure”

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