Kidney Transplantation Cost in India

Kidney Transplantation Cost:

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All must know before the Kidney Transplantation Cost, post and pre transplantation session. Because in private hospital cost is the main criteria. I just had roamed almost 10 Hospital in Tamilnadu to perform my transplantation. But I have chosen Govt Hospital.

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If you chose to cure your kidney failure through kidney transplantation, You have to consider three part these cost sucking disease.

  1. Pre Transplantation
  2. Post transplantation upto 100 days
  3. Transplantation Follow ups After 100 days from the date of transplantation done

Pre Kidney Transplantation Cost:

Pre Kidney Transplantation Cost are just doing weekly dialysis, follow-up medicine, blood injection (erythropoietin), other conveyance charges, Doctor consultation charges, other dialysis fitness test for recipient etc… In this session we cannot improve our kidney function through above mentioned treatment (except AKD patient), here we are just surviving from Kidney failure…Let see the cost.

  1. Dialysis Cost Rs.1500 per dialysis (we need two dialysis per week)
  2. Medicine cost around 500 rupees per week
  3. Doctor consultation charges 500 per consultation per month

Around month you need Rs.15500 /-

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Post Kidney Transplantation Cost:

In this session the kidney transplantation cost of Doctor consultation charges, fitness test for both donor and recipient etc. For this we need lot of money. I just tell you about my travel

  1. Kaliappa Renal Transplantation Hospital in chennai => Rs. 5,50,000/- for Kidney Transplantation Cost inclusive of first 10 days bed charges + all medicine and operation cost. If you are having any health insurance the insurance amount will be reduced from the total. Suppose if you have “amma kaapedu thiddam” You can reduce upto Rs 4,00,000 from the total cost to be paid; and the remaining amount has to be paid. Further medicine you have to pay after discharge.

Pre transplantion test charges around Rs. 50,000 as extra inclusive of transplantation blood test, DNA matching test, other doctor’s fitness certificate etc.. this is for both donor and recipient.

Dialysis charges: Rs 1,500 per dialysis.

  1. Miot international Hospital in chennai: => Rs. 6,00,000 /- for Kidney Transplantation Cost. Inclusive of all bed charges + medicine cost + operation cost. They approve Company health insurance, but they do not approve govt health insurance just like amma kaapedu thiddam and others. The remaining amount which will be reduced from health insurance you must pay before the operation.

Additional pre transplantation fitness certificate may come around 75,000/- for both donor and recipient.

Dialysis cost: Rs 4,500 per dialysis

  1. Chettinad Health Care Hospitals in Chennai: => Rs 11,00,000 /- per Kidney Transplantation Cost. Inclusive of all above said charges. They accept both govt insurance and private medical insurance. You have to pay remaining amount deducted from the total amount. The pre Kidney Transplantation Cost for taking transplantation fitness test you need to pay Rs. 1,50,000 /- per transplantation.

Dialysis cost: 2,500 per dialysis

  1. Apollo hospitals in Chennai: => Rs 10,00,000 /- per Kidney Transplantation Cost. Inclusive of all bed charges + medicine + others. They do not accept Govt medical insurance. Their policy as like MIOT international hospital. Pre Kidney Transplantation Cost I mean fitness test you need Rs 1,00,000 /- per transplantation.

Dialysis cost: 4,500 /-

  1. Vellore CMC Christian Medical Collage & hospital: => Rs. 15,00,000/- per Kidney Transplantation Cost. Inclusive of all ,bed charges + medicine + others. They accept private medical insurance. Pre Kidney Transplantation Cost that for fitness test for both donor and recipient you have to pay 1,00,000/- per transplantation.

Dialysis cost: Rs.2,325/- per dialysis.

  1. Madurai Mennakshi Medical Mission: => Rs. 6,00,000 per transplantation. This is only for transplantation. Other cost I do not know but I heard from some transplanted patient they said, Rs 1,50,000/-. They accept both govt insurance and private insurance.

Dialysis cost: Rs. 1,500 /- per dialysis.

  1. Madurai renal transplantation center: => Rs, 5,00,000 per transplantation. You have to pay extra charges Rs 65,000 /- for various fittnes test and fitness certificate. They accept both private health insurance and govt health insurance.

Dialysis cost: No Info.

Best Low cost private Kidney Transplantation Hospital:

So that you have to make ready Rs 5,50,000/– for private hospital.

I choose Kaliappa Renal transplantation is the best hospital compared with other hospital. For like middle class patient. They accept govt insurance and private insurance. So in this Hospital only needs 2,00,000 for transplantation.

Other Kidney Transplantation Cost upto 100 days:

You have to take some important medicine. What I am taking, Let see..

  1. Valganciclovir 100 days must be taken per tablet Rs 250 for 100 days 25,000/-
  2. Tacrolimus, Lifelong has to be taken… I take tacrolane make. Per tablet 1 mg Rs. 25 /-. The quantity may be changed as per your doctor recomandation.
  3. MMF (Mychophenalate). Per quantity Rs 19 /- Lifelong has to be taken
  4. Lifelong has to be taken..Rs. 17 /- per tablet
  5. Amalodipine 2.5mg if you have BP + some calcium and other tablets…
  6. Doctor consultation Rs 500
  7. And creatinine test Rs 100 /- per visit
  8. Tacrolimus test Rs 3500 per test

So For 100 days you have to spend around Rs 20,000 per month for medicine post first transplantation.

Post Kidney Transplantation Cost after 100 days:

It means No costly medicine Valganciclovir. It cost comes around Rs 11,000 /–.per month. It will be in decrease in level according to the Serum Tacrolimus level.

If you got any infection and elevated creatinine level Private Hospitals Sucks your money… So be careful after transplantation. It cost around Rs 4,00,000/- to cure infection or leads to death


Guys these data have collected from patient side only. These datas are not from Hospitals official side. So that, make sure the Kidney Transplantation Cost with respective hospitals.


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