LIC’C New Jeevan Anand 915, Premium ,Maturity Calculator


LIC’C New Jeevan Anand 915

This is a combination of endowment and whole life plan regular premiums are payable for selected term only. Sum assured on death during PPT 1.25 times basic sum assured , after PPT basic sum assured only. During policy term sum assured on death ,vested bonus ,Final addition , at the end of policy term.

LIC C Jeevan Anand Age Limit

  • Minimum age limit – 18
  • Maximum age limit – 50
  • Retirement period – 35 years
  • Minimum sum insured – 1 lakh
  • Maximum – No limit (depending on your income)

Riders benefits are available

  1. Term Rider
  2. Accidental Uses Rider
  3. Accident and Disability Beneficiary
  4. Acute Ill Rider

Maturity Benefits

Age 30 , Duration 25 years

Insurance amount – Rs.10,00,000

Rider Benefit Choice – Term Rider , Accident and Disability Rider

Maturity Amount Sum Assured Rs.10,00,000

Bonus – Rs.12 , 25,000

Final Extra Bonus – Rs.4 , 5 0,000

Finally the amount of insurance available to us – Rs.26.75, 000

In case of Intermediate Risk Free Return till the age of 100 years, the policyholder will be entitled to a full sum assured of Rs.1000, will be returned to the nominee .

Availability of insurance amount – Rs.36.75, 000

Benefit of death

If the policyholder is 30 years of age, Rs.10 millions for when selecting a policy for 25 Year.

If he dies while he is tying up the policy he will be given up to 125% .

When you choose Rider Benefits – TR , ATPR Rs.10 lakh to Rs.12.50 lakh will be available for appointment insurance .

If you choose Term Rider, you will get Rs.5lakh Up to Rs.10 lakh will be given.

If the policyholder has an accident, he will get Rs.10 lakh will be given.

He will get the bulk of the insurance amount – Rs.32.50 lakh

100th Sum Assured – Rs.10 lakhs

Total amount – Rs.36.75 lakhs

Additional benefits

  1. Debt Benefits
  2. Surrender Benefits
  3. Money Benefits


LIC’C New Jeevan Anand 915    Insurance is very useful for us .It is an important part of our lives and after life .It is confident that it will be an anchor not only for us but also for our family.

New Plan 915 – LIC New Jeevan Anand


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