LIC’s Single Premium Endowment Scheme 917  Maturity Calculator


 LIC’s Single Premium Endowment Scheme 917

This is single premium non-linked with profits endowment plan commencement of risk cover for age at entry less than 8years . 2years after DOC or from policy anniversary coinciding with or immediately following attainment of 8years of age whichever is earlier 8year.

Age Limit maximum and minimum

  • Single Premium Age Limit – Minimum 90 days
  • Maximum age – 65 years
  • Duration – No limit of 50,000

Policy term – 10 years , 25 years

Backup sum amount to at least Rs.50, 000. There is no maximum limit.

Maturity Benefits

Sum Assured + Simple Reverse Bonus

Death benefits

O N the life assured death or after the commencement o f risk is determined by adding the amount which would be payable if , given the simple reversionary bonus +  The final additional bonus.

Confirmed mortality before the onset of danger. Refund of single premium excluding tax and additional premium without interest .

Guaranteed surrender value

of the year excluding taxes and extra premium of 70% of single premium.  

After that: 90% single premium excluding tax and surcharge .


LIC’s Single Premium Endowment Scheme 917  Insurance is very useful for us .It is an important part of our lives and after life .It is confident that it will be an anchor not only for us but also for our family.

Single Premium Endowment Tamil 917


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