Madurai Dog Sale WhatsApp Group Link

Madurai Dog Sale WhatsApp Link

Madurai Dog Sale WhatsApp Link is used to learn base with Madurai dogs are described as a lean, long, muscular, powerful and athletic dog that stands at about 71 centimeters (28 inches). They have a short, smooth coat, usually reddish-brown. Slightly lighter colored saddle and black muzzle. They have dark eyes, medium – length ears with curved tips, and a slender muzzle.

Currently in this WhatsApp group Madurai Dog Sale WhatsApp Link

Good quality pure Rajapalayam male and female puppies available. Good quality Heavy size Golden Retriever male puppy available. Top quality shihztu puppies available for offer price .Good Quality Labrador Male & Female Puppies Available.


Rules of Madurai Dog Sale WhatsApp Link

  • If dogs misbehave in public, the dog owner must register with the municipality and pay a fine of Rs  500.
  • All dogs should be vaccinated against rabies and have their wounds healed.
  • The final decision on the implementation of the rule should be taken only after obtaining the views of the public.

Madurai Dog Sale WhatsApp Link

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