My mistake against kidney failure

My mistake against kidney failure:

At the age of 8th I had an issue in my kidney, means no urine output. But we had gone to doctor, Dr treated well and I came to normal condition, at 25th age for general checkup I had gone to a hospital and taken CBC and mini RFT. Dr said that The report was good, that bad doctor did not say about my kidney problem, In RFT report I got albumin leak in my report. He did not say about it. What to do, negligence always leads to unsolvable problem. I could have waked up, But???????? This is my past history.

Again at may month 26th 2016 I had unfortunate vomit, I think that was my first symptom, why I says means that time I did not have any stomach issue. I neglected that. From the same day onwards, I had been suffering from sleeping issues and my leg’s thigh muscles pulling (I do not know the medical term), breathing issue, no hungry, full tiredness, not interested in any jobs and unnecessary tension.

Every day at 12:30 pm before lunch, my body felt like without sense (to tackle that I have to sit or sleep in somewhere else) headache and tiredness. I could not walk more than 50 meters continually and could not walk more than 10 steps height. if I do so, I will get shortness of breath.

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Interesting thing in my life:

Before one week I mean before sept 13th 2016, I got selected in Siemens India Limited. That was my dream company and at Sept 13th 2016 I got a call from Siemens for salary negotiation, at the same time I was waiting to take USG abdomen scan, what to do, I just told them ‘I do not have interest’. Siemens dream has gone.

You must know one thing, these disease does not make pain,


On 15th sept 2016 I had first dialysis in famous hospital in Chennai.

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