– Digital Signature And Bill Preparation Process

PayManager Could Be Your Pay Monthly Bill Preparing Technique which Intended for Its Staff Members of the Govt of Rajasthan State. It supplies the integrated and common system to ready the cover statements of their staff members.
Even the PC Software Maybe Not merely supplies the amenities Pay invoice Preparing but in Addition Preparing of DA Ar rear, Reward, Arrears and Abandon encasement Expenses.

PayManager -Invoice Preparation Process

Complete Details Below –

Workers of Rajasthan federal government departments PayManager for get their pay slip to click here —

PayManager is a stage for preparing wages statements, TA invoices and Bonus Costs for the employees of the Rajasthan Govt. It supplies a easy platform for organizing the wages statements of workers. Rewards invoices prepared by with Software. This pc software also supplies advice regarding DA dues, bonuses dues.


To acquire a Pay Manager pay-slip of salary, then go to Purchase boss — the website and sign into.

In this most important site, another log in facility has been offered for DDO application and power. Its URL is as follows…

Employees simply click for his facts, payslip, GA55A details Download — User Title will probably be the Employee ID and Password your day of birth, (eg. Your date of birth is 01/09/1966. Afterward your password will be 01091966).

Then enter the 5 digit code and click Employee and click on in. Adjust the password with all an password Get your advice via login again. The password will be altered for your Very First time)

Here Referral Supply Officer Salary, Bonus Expenses, Journey Allowance, Vardi Cost Allowance, Office Drinking Water, Electric Power Bill including all workplace expenses invoices could be produced and delivered to the treasuries.

Integrated Finance Management System (IFMS) was executed as a member of it. All the government departments of Rajasthan are included within this procedure.

The wages of teachers can also be being fulfilled this. All federal government departments, finance, and treasury get joined through this website.

PayManager Updates

The three installments can be made simultaneously in 30%, 30%, 40% installments of 7th Pay Commission on PayManager from January 17 to September 17. For this, installment 3 has to be selected.

100% Amount will come together, if the first installment has been paid, then you will make arrears by going directly to installment 3, then a bill of 70% amount will be included, including 30% of the second installment.

Apart from this, arrears of dedicated holiday pay arising between January 17 and September 17 have also started to be made. It is different that this amount is not deposited in GPF and deposited in GPF.

Paymanager – – Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip

Employees of all Rajasthan government departments pay-manager to get their pay slip

Register on PayManager is a system of preparing salary bills for the employees of Rajasthan State Government. This provides a common. And integrated platform for preparing the salary bills of employees. The software for preparing salary bill not only prepares the bill but also provides information of DA dues, bonuses, dues.

To get out of salary slip, go to Pay Manager – website and login.

In this main website, separate login facility is provided for DDO power and application. Its URL is as follows ..

Click for employee’s personal details, Pay Slip, GA55A information / Download

(User Name will be your Employee ID and Password your date of birth, (eg your date of birth is 01/07/1956, then your password will be 01071956) After that enter the 5 digit code.

And click on Employee and login, change password, with new password Get your information by login again, the password will be changed for the first time)

By logging into this link, DDO Power and employees can get salary slip through PayManager. Here Drawing Distribution Officer Salary, Bonus Bill, Traveling Allowance, Vardi Expenditure Allowance, Office Water Electricity Bill including all office expenses bills can be made and sent to the Treasurer from here.

It has been implemented as part of the Integrated Finance Management System. All the government departments of Rajasthan have been included in this process going on since 2011.

The salary of teachers is also being met through this. All government departments, finance, finance and treasury get connected through this website.

PayManager Digital Signature Course of Action — for Many DDO | BEEO | PFMS

Come Across Here Entire Information on electronic signature procedure / E-Account

We clarified the procedure that’s needed todo digital touch previous to Treasury ahead that the invoices. DDO will forwards invoices from E Account or Pay Manager that send into this treasury. The full procedure is now on line and also the sign bills are also more digital. The Whole procedure Is Going to Be the Following –.

The electronic signature Procedure Can Be Broken to two measures —

1. St Phase — DONGLE Producing PROCESS

2. Nd Move — Technique Preparing PROCESS

Electronic Signature Course of Action By DONGLE on PayManager

1. Action — Dongle Producing Method

To start with, DDO might need to produce a DONGLE to do an electronic virtual touch. It is likely to soon be course -2, Le Vel -2 with two decades validity style DONGLE.

Technique Preparing Course of Action for PayManager

2. Action — Method Planning Approach for Paymanager

The process afterwards creating DONGLE will probably be follows –.

  • First of all, DONGLE you will receive to have dongle software.
  • Install Dongle Pc Software simply click autorun.
  • Assess the Web Browser Edition on One’s PC.
  • INTERNET EXPLORER has to be 1-1 or preceding
  • Log-in to PayManager and visit DDO CERTIFICATE REGISTRATION
  • Click on ActiveX download and get it
  • Immediately after downloading install Active X.
  • Open up the INTERNET EXPLORER in your computer.
  • Go to open and tools Internet Selections
  • In Internet Options Click on on Security
  • Click on the Custom Made amount in security
  • A window will open in which Empower all options in Active X controls and scripting.
  • Login DDO on Pay Supervisor than go to MASTER and click on DDO certificate registration.
  • Confirm contact and click on show certification.
  • You will show the certification.
  • Pick out a single Certificate and click on submit.
  • The message of DDO certificate enrollment will be viewed.
  • Today your digital signature cover manager has been documented.
  • Contact at the treasury and find the certification accepted.

First matter to do is sign into to PayManager. All bills need to be allocated charge numbers. Bill processing will likely be after charge allocation. All of the essential documents have to get uploaded before DDO forwarding.

Right after uploading invoices to register on these bills. Pick the signature on DSC. Click on Select Signature. The signature window will open. Pick your digital Signature.

Login at the dongle together with your Dongle PIN. Once log in sign on papers. Go towards the accounts and inspect the signature on the records.

PayManager: Log on Shell out Manager — paymanager.raj.nic.

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