Stepper Motor Max Speed, Power, Minimum Step time Calculator

Stepper Motor Calculator:

Enter the stepper motor inductance in Hendry, motor input current in amps, input voltage in volts, frequency in Hz and press the calculate button to get the results.

Current: Amps
Inductance: mH
Voltage: V
Steps/Revolution: Steps
Input Frequency: Hz
Maximum Speed: Rev/Sec
Minimum Time Per Step: ms
Maximum Power: Watts
Rated Speed: RPM

Stepper Motor Speed Calculation:

Stepper motor is a multi-pole open-loop motor used to rotate inaccurate steps. Here the maximum Speed in revolution per second applied voltage V (V) in volts divided by the two times of the product of the inductance L (H), Current I (A) in amps, and the steps per revolution.

Maximum speed in RPS = V (V) / (2 x L (H) x I (A) x Steps).

Maximum Step Time:

By the way, we can calculate the minimum time in a millisecond is required to complete one step using the flowing relation.

Here, the Minimum time per step is equal to two times of the motor inductance L(H) in Hendry and the Maximum flow of current I(A) in amps divided by the applied voltage V(v) in volts. The formula can be written as,

Minimum Step Time = 2 x L (H) x I (A) / V (V)

Also, the motor’s maximum power consumption P (W) in watts is equal to the maximum flow of current I(A in amps times of the applied voltage V(V) in volts.

P (W) = I (A) x V (V)

Rated Speed:

The rated speed of the stepper motor N (RPM) in revolution per minute equals the 0.167 times of the step angles an in degree and the frequency f (Hz) in Hz. The formula can be written as,

N (RPM) = 0.167 * a * f

Here, the step angle is equal to the 360 (complete rotation in degree) divided by the steps per revolution.

a = 360 / steps per revolution

Hence the rated speed can be written as,

N = 360 * 0.167 * f / steps per revolution

N = 60 * a * / steps per revolution


Let us calculate the stepper motor maximum speed, rated speed, minimum step time, rated power required by using the following data.

Steps per Revolution: 1000.

Frequency: 1500 Hz.

Voltage = 12 Volts

Current = 10 mA.

Inductance = 10 mH


Maximum Speed in RPS = 12 / (2*0.01*0.01*1000)

Minimum Step Time = 2 * 0.01 * 0.01 * /12 = 2.4 ms

Power in Watts = 12 * 0.01 = 1.2Watts

Rated Speed in RPM = 0.0167 * 1500 * (360/1000) = 9.018 RPM’

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