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Six Digital Marketing Success Stories To Learn From

Every digital marketing success story is unique. These six digital marketing success stories highlight how brands have used digital marketing to tell their story.
Digital marketing is upping the marketing game. The buzz about how a maverick or renegade marketer has made it in digital marketing.


The key in today’s digital marketing is laser-focused targeting. Marketing messages are tailored to the viewer. The commonality in digital marketing success stories is meticulous planning and excellent implementation.

The success stories of digital marketing use optimized content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. Aligning these avenues and using them well leads to a disproportionately high ROI.

So, how do you make your own internet marketing success story? We’ve listed six online marketing success stories that you can learn from. Then apply the learning to your brand. Let’s begin.

Digital Marketing Success Stories

1. Ikea: The digital marketing success story of a furniture brand

Ever wondered how a sofa is made? No? After all, a sofa is meant to relax, not think, isn’t it? Furniture isn’t the most absorbing topic to talk about. It’s less interesting than talking about the weather.

But Ikea created an engaging campaign around their furniture brand. They leveraged technology to gain traction. Through YouTube videos and blog posts, they illustrated how a small space could be utilized to maximize your lifestyle.

Using augmented reality, buyers could now see how a piece of furniture would look in their natural environment. This turned a “boring” industry ad into an engaging one. These creative solutions benefited their customers and created a brand value for Ikea as well.

2. Traveller Collective: A success story in digital marketing

Traveler Collective makes engraved rings depicting every nation globally. They are collectible items. A portion of the income goes to charity. A great social media campaign is credited for selling over 10,000  products worldwide.

Traveler Collective began its internet marketing success story by identifying where its customers spend time on social media. They encouraged customers to create user-generated content. The #ontheroadwithtc hashtag has been used successfully by them. This user-generated content also works as social proof. Influencers worked as ambassadors to spread the message. Traveler Collective is a superb proof of success in social media marketing using Instagram.

3. Rolex: An internet marketing success story to watch out for

Rolex is in time with the online marketing world. Although Rolex is a timeless classic, its digital marketing is surprisingly current. They’ve built their brand using ambassadors like Roger Federer. 

The Rolex success story in digital marketing can be attributed to its presence in mountaineering expeditions, yachting, motorsports, and underwater exploration. They showcase beautiful images of their watches on Instagram from several angles. The images are modern and in tune with the channel Laxman sapkota. 

Minimalist fonts, background colors, and a sophisticated vocabulary have helped them win over 7.5 million Facebook followers. They have used keywords strategically to optimize conversions.

4. Dabur: A success story of digital marketing in India

Dabur, an Indian brand associated with traditionalism, has focused on conventional marketing since its inception. Recognizing the potential of digital marketing, they quickly took to this effective channel for their marketing. 

They used storytelling effectively in their ‘Brave and Beautiful’ campaign. The campaign is a tribute to cancer survivors. This campaign was successful due to the high level of engagement. It isn’t just the regular ad promo.

5. Vicks #TouchOfCare: An online marketing success story from India

The #touchofcare campaign made viewers think about family and family values. The brand told a story of how a transgender woman cared for an orphan. It associated the brand Vicks with the feeling of caring. Two disconnected individuals were depicted through vivid, emotional images in the advertisement. 

The campaign has over 10 million views on YouTube. It was promoted and shared across social media. Vicks India’s Facebook post received over 34,000 shares and over 2.5 million views.

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