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TNREGINET Tamilnadu – The Integrated Grievances Redress System Tamilnadu provides free access to EC search, market value, SRO and Tamilnadu EC registration details. Tnreginet english, Tnreginet portal, Tnreginet guideline value 2019, Tnreginet guideline value 2018, fmb, Tnreginet a register, Tnreginet net default2, Tamil Nadu land ec check online


Inspector General of Registration (IGRS) Tamil Nadu or TNREGINET ( is an internet portal created from the Government of Tamil Nadu to simplify the enrollment procedure (marriage, birth, and death, company, chit finance, etc.). You could even check or hunt for Tamil Nadu encumbrance certification through this portal site.

The portal site also offers detailed info about stamp obligation and registration charges pertaining to several categories. Aside from these, it is possible to even check for land evaluation through TNREGINET.

What are the services of TNREGINET?

Following are the services of TNREGINET:

  • Encumbrance Certificate Online
  • Marriage Certificate Application online
  • Online Accredited Records
  • Chits Documents Online
  • Society Documents Online
  • Online EC standing Verify

How To Apply EC Online in Tamilnadu┇How To Apply Encumbrance Certificate Online┇Download EC Online

Registration process of Consumers in TNREGINET

There are particular steps you need to follow to enroll within this portal site. This user enrollment isn’t just crucial for land records but also for building deeds and registering marriages, society, chits, and companies in document production or abstract for draft action.

STEP 1. Go to the home page of TNREGINENT. click here

STEP 2. Click the user registration option from the registration tab to spend the procedure to the second level.

Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate Online Search

It’s possible to look for Tamil Nadu encumbrance certificate by means of this TNREGINET. Here is a step-by-step process to show you the way you can hunt for Tamil Nadu encumbrance certificate Online.

Step 1: Log in to Tamil Nadu official website at TNREGINET Portal (
Step 2: On left-hand side of the webpage, you may find”E-Services” tab at the menu bar.
Step 3: Put your cursor onto it; it will show”Encumbrance Certificate”.
Step 4: Move your cursor to”View EC” and click on it.
Step 5: You will be redirected to a different page in which you have to choose from two choices — either”EC” or”Document-wise”.
Step 6: Should you choose”EC”, then you have to fill in the necessary fields, including zone, district, Sub-Registrar Office, EC begin date, EC end date, and village, among others.
Step 7: Enter the captcha and click on the”search” button to look at the concerned EC certificate.
Step 8: Alternatively, you could view a certification by choosing the”Document-wise” option.
Step 9: Upon selection, fill in all the required fields, including Sub-Registrar Office (SRO), record number, season, and document type.
Step 10: Enter the captcha and click on the”search” button to examine the concerned EC certificate.

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The Way to Tamil Nadu Land EC Check Online or Property Registration 

You Can Examine Your EC standing by following the specified steps:

  1. First of all, pick EC research in the Homepage. This page will guide you towards another page.
  2. Pick your corner, district, sub-registrar workplace, village, experiences.tamil nadu land ec check online
  3. You want to then put in your poll quantity and sub-division number.
  4. Text the picture code and click search to look at the status of your Property registration or Home enrollment online.

Tnreginet Guideline Value Lookup

STEP 1. Just visit TNREGINET Guideline & Property evaluation Page.

STEP 2. In the specified table, you want to pick the right date.tnreginet guideline value

STEP 3. Type street in addition to domain. Then Click Search.tnreginet guideline

STEP 4. Hereyou may observe the Email and address of this SRO officer to your region.

STEP 5. You might also pay a visit to the speech given to find the house valuation or principle value.

What Is Documents Needed for Registration? Tnreginet portal

Following are the stamped signed and implemented document:

  • A necessity of selling deed as well as the inheritance of the selling document also look prior to the enrolling officer for enrollment of the sale deed.
  • Patta transport program with the court charge of Rs. 7 will be demanded duly signed and filled.
  • If, should PAN No. Is not supplied in the record, then Type 60/61 announcement is necessary in the event the worth of the house exceeds Rs. 5- lakh.
  • There’ll be a registration fee together with computer charges and sub-division charges etc.. In the long run, receipts will be awarded from the registering officer for several levels received.
  • An announcement was awarded from the Tahsildar throughout the pc for agricultural land in advised 9 districts.

Characteristics of all TNREGINET

Following are the characteristics of TNREGINET:

  • Online booking to your own appointment in sub-registrar offices can be obtained.
  • Web-camera along with biometric-based registration process can be found together with the fool-proof service shipping.
  • Operations established work-flow using a thorough audit trail.
  • Procurement of equipment infrastructure and upkeep.

What is Benefits of TNREGINET?

  1. Naturally, the enrollment process is straightforward.
  2. There’s not any need to provide a physical existence in the sub-registrar workplace for availing providers.
  3. You’re able to avail of all of the services of the government portal by simply sitting in your home on a personal computer or telephone.
  4. The prior procedure appears overly cumbersome for those. However, with the commencement of all TNREGINET, everything shifted.
  5. Internet camera-based retinal and biometric authentication of consumers are introduced with digitization that may cut back the usage of paperwork.
  6. Decrease in the time necessary for the whole procedure.
  7. You’re able to book an internet appointment for confirmation purposes in the sub-registrar office.
  8. Market Valuation of property or land could be judged in real time.
  9. It’s simplified the procedure of assessing status and confirmation in the enrollment process.
  10. You might also monitor the status of a program.
  11. On a real time premise, the SMS providers are now readily available to monitor the status of each program.
  12. Transparency is your newest and valuable element within this system.
  13. Today, it’s all but impossible to provide a bribe in the Taluka branch or sub-registrar office.
  14. An appeal has been made by the site of the Tamil Nadu registration section to the overall folks to report if anybody need bribe into the vigilance section.
  15. It is also possible to discover the address of this vigilance section in the property page of this site.


1. Where can I view the transaction status for my e-payment?

Use this route to check your transaction standing – E-services-> E-Payment-> Payment-> Payment status.

2. Is there some particular deadline before which I must complete the job?

It is possible to edit the record until it is processed in the rear office.

3. Can I access registration details from the Sub-Registrar’s Office right?

It’s true, you can get registration information from the worried Sub-Registrar.

4. Who all are considered as”household” while offering stamp duty concession?

According to Stamp Act,”family” comprises of father, mother, husband, spouse, child, daughter, sisters, brothers, and grandchild. Additionally, notice that the stamp duty charge for Settlement, Release, Partition, and other similar tools, for household members is 1% (maximum of Rs.25,000). Similarly, the registration fee can also be 1% subject (max of Rs.4000).

5. Is there some particular timeline to find the encumbrance certificate?

In accordance with the Standing Order 979(ii), related to the workplaces and interval, which isn’t computerised, the encumbrance certification shall be performed and issued in 4 days by the date of application submission. For computerised period, the encumbrance certificate will be issued straight away.

6. Why is it important to have encumbrance certification?

With encumbrance certification, it is possible to get in depth information on previous transactions, which can help you achieve appropriate entitlement of the concerned land. Therefore, it’s always recommended to get encumbrance certificate.

7. Can I add more properties in one document?

Yes, you can add more properties in a single document. Use the”include” option to add”N” variety of properties.

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